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Do Marinduquenos have to live with this fear? asks

Check structural integrity of Marcopper dams, ponds: petition

MANILA - Netizens are asking the government to review the structural integrity of the dams and ponds abandoned in Marinduque by the Marcopper Mining Corp. More than 4,500 have signed a petition started by Jonathan Subagan on, which says 87,000 lives are at stake should the dams collapse.

Subagan is from Marinduque.

“Tanggalin po ninyo ang pangamba sa puso ng ating mga mamamayan. Labingwalong (18) taon na po ang nakalipas ng nasira ang Tapian Pit at halos dalawamput-isang (21) taon naman ng bumigay ang Maguila-guila Siltation Dam. Kamusta po kaya ang integridad ng mga napabayaang dams na ito?” the petition read.

The petition recalled the 1996 “nightmare,” which some tagged as one of the world’s most horrifying mining disasters. In March that year, 2 to 3 million tons of mine waste leaked into the Boac River, a source of livelihood for many families in Marinduque.

Flash floods isolated villages, some were buried in mine tailings. Residents complained of health risks, but Marcopper insisted the tailings were non-toxic.

Boac River was later declared dead.

“Dulot ng mga nasabing trahedya at panawagan ng mga mamamayan, nagsarado ang Marcopper Mining Corporation at umalis ng bansa ang Placer Dome na siyang nagmamay-ari nito. Naiwan sa Marinduque ang mga dams ng minahan na ngayon ay nagbabadya ng panganib sa buhay at kabuhayan ng mga mamayan ng Marinduque,” the petition read.

No less than the Mines and Geosciences Bureau reported that flash floods may continue to inundate several towns in the province because of the structures “in imminent danger of collapsing.”

“Nito lamang nagdaang Agusto 26, 2014 ay nakaranas ang bayan ng Poblacion, Boac, Marinduque ng hanggang dibdib na baha na dulot lamang ng isang Low Pressure Area (LPA) malapit sa Alabat, Quezon. Ang itinuturong dahilan ng mabilis na pag-baha ay ang makikipot na daluyan ng tubig papalabas ng Poblacion,” Subagan noted. -


From Facebook page: SIGN THE PETITION

Sanay ka ba sa baha? Kakaiba ang takot na nararamdaman ng mga Tiga-Boac at Mogpog, Marinduque. Kahit walang bagyo, abot dibdib na ang baha. Nangangamba sila na senyales itong malapit nang gumuho ang dalawang napabayaang toxic mine waste dams na makakaapekto sa buhay at kabuhayan ng 87,000 tao. Mismong US Geological Survey at DENR Mines Geosciences Bureau ang nagsabi, napakalaki ng posibilidad na mangyari ito. - Jonathan Subagan, Petition Starter, Never Again Campaign.

You can support the call to check the structural integrity of Marcopper Dams and protect 87,000 Marinduquenos from an impending tragedy by signing

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  • Ramon Babasa Attention DENR-MGB, this is a ticking time bomb. Please act now, peoples' lives are at stake and so is the environment. Problem with this administration is their habit of blaming the previous government. We will hear them say "it was a problem they inherited and the previous leaders should have corrected it".
  • Fidel Duna Banzon SIGNS OF THE LAST DAYS. 
    "After God created the earth, he said that it “was very good,” and he still feels that way. ... (Genesis 1:31) Far from planning to destroy it, he promises to “bring to ruin those ruining the earth”—and to protect it from perma
    nent damage.
    The Watchtower Magazine issue of January 1, 2013, pages 4-8 or read complete story in

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  • Danilo F. Guido This is a serious problem. You can help by signing the petition. Thanks
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  • Lily Balinghasay Our country seems to be suffering from one disaster to another. Our transport is a mess. Crime is on the rise. Airports are still the same. The typhoon victims are still living on tents. Who is in charge???
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  • Carlos Felicerta another catastrophy waiting to happen. DENR-MGB aksyon agad. PRONTO !
  • Annie Silvosa masyadong sobra focus sa traffic sa metromanila na wala naman kaming kinalamn sa rural and other urban areas, araw araw na lang. DAPAT SA MGA ISSUES NA GAYA NITO naman ang pagtuunan ng pansin ng media na NCR centered.
  • Marisa Recto Another catastrophe waiting to happen that the DENR has ignored over and they have in other regions of the country. This is one department that should be investigated vigorously!!! I am surprised how they have been able to stay under the radar with all the questionable, and I daresay, illegal practices they have allowed...
  • Roy D. Bero As experience in my petition of the massive destruction of forest and mangroves in lot 870 brgy. corong-corong, elnido, palawan lodged in CENRO, DENR no decisive action has been made yet. A resort is built and other structures are sprouting. Very frustrating. DENR excesses should be exposed. Let us support one another because crime against nature are threatening our existence.
  • Herminiano Gutierrez This should be checked ASAP coz it happened before that one of the dams leaked already. Tailings disposal dams can collapse anytime especially if it rains continuously which liquifies the tailings disposed in the dams. We should not forget what recently happened in the gold and copper mines of Philex Mining.
  • Maria Nora Regaya mahalin ang buhay lalo na ang mga susunod na salinlahi! isara na ang Marcopper Dams!
  • Jesy Aquino Bakit hindi kumikilos ang DENR ? Dahil ba sa walang mape-pera dito ? Kapag may isang mamamayan ang namatay kapag gumuho itong dam ng lason na ito, dapat ay makulong ang mga taga-DENR na nagsawalang bahala sa problemang ito. O pwede rin, lunurin sila sa lawa ng lasong ito !