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New York Times: Political Mischief in the Philippines

Political Mischief in the Philippines

The New York TimesAUG. 28, 2014

The New York Times Building

President Benigno Aquino III of the Philippines is now hinting at running for a second term in 2016, which would require a constitutional amendment. He has also suggested limiting the power of the Supreme Court, which, on July 1, declared parts of Mr. Aquino’s economic program illegal. That, too, would require adjusting the Constitution. These threats jeopardize Philippine democracy.
Mr. Aquino wants more time to complete his reform programs, but there will always be unfinished business. The 1987 Constitution limits the president to a single six-year term. The Constitution was promulgated under his mother,Corazon Aquino, after the overthrow of the 20-year dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. Despite her efforts, the presidency remained a fount of patronage and a source of corruption. Mr. Aquino’s two immediate predecessors, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Joseph Estrada, were charged after they left office with illegally feeding from the public trough. Ms. Arroyo was charged with misusing state lottery funds. Mr. Estrada was removed from office and convicted of various corruption charges, but he was pardoned in 2007. 
Mr. Aquino believes that the Supreme Court has grown too powerful and that someone needs to reassert executive authority. By a 13-to-0 vote, the court struck down a spending program he created to stimulate the economy. It ruled that he had exceeded his authority in disbursing funds and that parts of the program consisted of irregular pork-barrel spending.
Mr. Aquino came to power in 2010 vowing to rid the Philippines of corruption. At that time, the country ranked 134th in Transparency International’s corruption index. In 2013, it ranked 94th. Mr. Aquino should uphold the Constitution of a fragile democracy if only out of respect for his father, who was assassinated in the struggle against Marcos, and for his mother, who died in 2009 after leading the “people power” that triumphed over the excesses and abuses of the presidency. In practical terms, that means he should stop butting heads with the court and gracefully step down when his term is up. - The New York Times
A version of this editorial appears in print on August 29, 2014, in The International New York Times. 

New York Times to PNoy: Step down, stop fighting SC

New York Times to PNoy: Step down, stop fighting SC

Posted at 08/28/2014 9:49 PM | Updated as of 08/28/2014 11:15 PM

MANILA - President Benigno Aquino hinting at a new term in office and clipping the Supreme Court's powers threaten Philippine democracy, The New York Times said Thursday.

In an editorial titled "Political Mischief in the Philippines," The New York Times believes that Aquino should step down from office when his term ends in 2016.

It added that the President should stop taking potshots at the high court for declaring parts of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) as unconstitutional.

The newspaper said Aquino running for the presidency again and limiting the Supreme Court's authority will both require adjusting the Constitution.

"These threats jeopardize Philippine democracy," it said.

"Mr. Aquino wants more time to complete his reform programs, but there will always be unfinished business," it added.

"Mr. Aquino should uphold the Constitution of a fragile democracy if only out of respect for his father, who was assassinated in the struggle against Marcos, and for his mother, who died in 2009 after leading the “people power” that triumphed over the excesses and abuses of the presidency," the New York Times said.

"In practical terms, that means he should stop butting heads with the court and gracefully step down when his term is up," it said. - More on ABS-CBNnews

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Massive flooding in Boac and other parts of Marinduque; Gasan's Kalesayahan Festival

"The weather event resulted to massive flooding in various areas of Boac and Marinduque as can be gleaned from the consolidated pictures from the web. This is one of the worst and biggest flooding of various places ever - this is the "New Normal in Disaster Event" that the people, the communities, the government and the private sector have to deal with." - Konsehal Myke Magalang

Heavy rain brings flood to Boac, Marinduque. Report from Balita Pilipinas hosted by by Mark Salazar and Maki Pulido on GMA News TV Channel 11.

Click here for consolidated photos of the massive flooding. 


Earlier report from GMA on Gasan's Kalesayahan Festival:

'Kalesayahan' was coined from the word 'kalesa' and' kasiyahan', pleasure, and is the name of a festival in Gasan that was introduced during the last decade. It was intended to generate interest on the existing kalesas, preserve them and use them as a vehicle to attract visitors to this ancient, historic town.

Unang Balita reports on Gasan, Marinduque's Kalesayahan Festival. The program is the news segment of GMA Network's daily morning program, Unang Hirit nchored by Rhea Santos and Arnold Clavio, and airs on GMA-7.

SC denies plea to disqualify 3 Justices from HRET

SC denies plea to disqualify 3 Justices from HRET

By  | Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

MANILA, Philippines—The Supreme Court denied the petition to disqualify Supreme Court Associate Justices Presbitero Velasco Jr., Diosdado Peralta and Lucas Bersamin from membership of the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET).

Marinduque Representative Regina Ongsiako Reyes, through her lawyer Harry Roque Jr. , sought the disqualification of the three and be substituted with other high court justices. Reyes has a pending disqualification case before the HRET.
In her petition, they cited alleged conflict of interest on the part of Justice Velasco since his son, former congressman Lord Allan Velasco, stands to benefit should the HRET disqualify her.

Velasco, being the most senior of the three justices, chairs the HRET and has already inhibited himself from the proceedings of the tribunal as well as in the proceedings of the Supreme Court involving his son’s case.

However, Reyes said Velasco’s continued stay at the HRET in relation to his son’s case has become untenable.
“The Supreme Court runs the risk of incurring historical infamy if it ignores this unprecedented scenario and contents itself with a complacent and run-of-the-mill inhibition by the Justice-Father from the case, even if said Justice/Father/HRET-Head still retains administrative control and moral suasion, and enjoys collegial camaraderie in the HRET,” Reyes said.

The high court, in its recent ruling, said the petition sought the wrong remedy and that, in any event, there was no grave abuse of discretion alleged nor shown.- INQUIRER

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I've been named blogger in Regina O. Reyes' disqua case a long time ago, she now claims she didn't know in new media stunt

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Last fight vs pork barrel, dynasties, PCOS fraud

 Convenors of the Abolish Pork Movement urge other groups to join the anti-pork barrel rally set today at the Rizal Park. GMA News

Last fight vs pork barrel, dynasties, PCOS fraud

P-Noy is being judged by the worsened unemployment, poverty, hunger, food shortages and price spikes, and slow disaster rehab that his counter-reformation has wrought.
The issues have joined. Organizers of today’s rallies at the Luneta in Manila and other key cities will not be protesting the pork barrel only. They will denounce as well the related evils of political dynasties and election fraud. Together those evils corrupt officialdom and impoverish the people.
Sadly for him, demonstrators’ scorn will rain on President Noynoy Aquino. It’s his fault. Hope of reform that he planted at the start of his term – with “daang matuwid (straight path),” “kayo ang boss ko (the people are my boss),” and “wala nang wang-wang (no more power abusers)” – he himself has uprooted. This he did by declaring a desire for prolonged tenure. His dominant Liberal Party is assembling a vote in Congress to lift his and their constitutional term limits. They also will clip the power of the Supreme Court to check Executive and Legislative misdeeds. All are in retaliation to the SC’s illegalizing of the congressional pork barrel (Priority Development Assistance Fund, PDAF), and the presidential version (Disbursement Acceleration Program, DAP). Fanning the flames of discord is the public hinting by the presidential spokesman of a no-presidential-election scenario in 2016.
Yet the dissenters have a counter-demand from P-Noy: account for his P177-billion DAP in 2011-2013, and prosecute all (not just three) legislators in the P10-billion PDAF plunder of 2007-2009. Such accounting shall be viewed in light of the worsening economy. Joblessness is now at 26 percent, from latest polls; poverty incidence at 27 percent, by official stats; and self-rated hunger at 16 percent. P-Noy is being judged by the crises that sprang in the second half of his term: rice fruit, and onion price spikes; shortages of vegetables, garlic, ginger, and chicken; Manila port congestion; slow government rehab for four million people struck by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan); and a nationwide crime wave. Nationwide power shortage looms in early 2015; and water scarcity the following year.
Through all this, P-Noy’s LP mates are enriching themselves from crooked multibillion-peso deals in agriculture, natural resources, hospital land, and transportation. Obviously they are preparing to buy votes anew – if elections push through in 2016 – to maintain their political dynasties. Even the election chief is joining in; although scheduled to retire by Feb., six months away, he is angling to purchase this Nov. new untried balloting machines for P18 billion. That same poll chief reportedly is set to trash the six million voters’ signatures that today’s protest organizers will begin to muster, for a people-initiated law forbidding pork barrels and all its twin evils forever. - PHILSTAR

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Look who's now discrediting HRET! Turn to Fb for some Marinduque voices

A Marinduque congresswoman has asked the Supreme Court to disqualify...
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  • Ding Pampola Bakit kaya hindi na lang sya magtayo sarili gobyerno? Mahirap kasi kapag nakasanayan na lahat gusto nakukuha dahil sa pera at bayaran.. Lahi kasi si Gina ng Ongsiako at hindi ng Reyes.
  • Gingging Barredo Bunag Why bother yourself from filing some more pleadings before the Supreme Court, which everybody knows are just DILATORY TACTICS, when you obviously cannot accept the TRUTHS that you haven't any right to even be LEGALLY considered as "MEMBER" of this HISTORICALLY DO-NOTHING 16th CONGRESS, except to violate the laws intelligently legislated by its predecessors. You have not acquired any LEGAL PERSONALITY to even be considered as a legitimate candidate in any elective political position in our country's government, considering your status as an AMERICAN CITIZEN and, therefore, simple logic dictates that your so-called winning by a big margin boils down to zero, having no legal basis whatsoever, being VOID AB INITIO. ( Atty. Ralph "bunyag" Bunag, for the truths, justice & good governance under GOD)
  • Pedrito Nepomuceno I understand naparusahan administratively ang mga comelec officials na bumilang ng boto para sa disqualified na kandidato. ano kaya ang criminal aspect ng kanilang ginawa at ganoon din sa miembro ng board of canvassrs. ang fiscal namatay na. eh yong iba na nag-canmvass at madaling iproklamanandiyan ano ang kanilang liability
  • Pedrito Nepomuceno kung ako sila ang kakasuhan ko - may power baga ang comelec par at least i-contempt sila at ;ma penalize
  • Alenia Miciano de Mesa Dapat bigyan ng kaparusahan lahat ng sangkot sa ganyan klaseng panlilinlang sa bayan lalo na ang kandidato na lumabag sa karapatan ng isang kandidato. Huwag pamarisan ang ganyang uri ng tao.kaawa-awa ang ating lalawigan.
  • Rafael Garcia Bago mag simula ang May 11 elections.Sabi ng Comelec na disqualified siya.At lahat ng kanyang mga boto ay bali wala.At pinalitan ang grupo ng Marinduque Board of Canvassers na nag proklama sa kanya.Ng bagong grupo.At utos ito ng Comelec.Doon sa website ng Comelec.Ayon sa Computer data base.Ang panggalan ni Allan Velasco ang nakalagay doon.Bilang nanalo na Congressman ng Marinduque.
  • Pedrito Nepomuceno what are we in power for? so, sabi ng Liberal party. kami ang nasa puwesto kaya kami ang masusunod - yan ang sinasabi ng mga action nina belmonte
  • Ding Pampola Wala na ako masabi sa mga panloloko sa atin ng mga politiko natin.. sana naman makunsensya sila kung meron pa kahit kaunti. Sa mga nararanasan natin sa ngayon na panloloko ng mga ito, papaano pa natin sila irerespeto o igagalang?
  • Malvar Hirondo talamak na tlaga ang mga di magagandang pag uugali at lantaran pa kung gawin WALA NA KASING KAHIHIYAN PWEEEE
  • Caesar Sadiwa Devera Hudyat at simula na ng pagiging isang tunay na BANANA REPUBLIC ng bayang sinilangan!
  • Toper Matienzo the bureaucrats holds sway on the political side. theirs is for the benefit of their own. they tend to use the people for their welfare, flaunting their power, wealth to their advantage, leaving ole "juan dela cruz" to cling to who could give them more financial gain. the identity of traditional politician, the endless bickering between opposite sides, leaving the people to just follow the dictates of who is in power. idealist are drowned by old politician's might, thus the stunted growth of Marinduque politics, leaving a turmoil of people in awe of those in political positions. the abuse of people in authority continues...
  • Ding Pampola Sir Toto, nabanggit nyo naparusahan administratively ang mga comelec officials sa Marinduque.. ganun laang po ba ang dapat ikaso? pwede ba katulad natin na mamayan o mga rehistradong grupo tulad ng Movers ay sampahan mga ito ng iba pang kaso? Alam ko may mga abogado sa movers..ano po masasabi nyo dito?
  • Ding Pampola Dapat laang mandin at matagal na nila ginagawa yaan diyan sa Marinduque na ang mga taga- Comelec ay ginagawa nilang mga DOCTOR!!!
  • Mark Adisson Baldos so pag pala ikaw e nagmedisina manong ding eh pasok ka kaagad dyan sa comelec anu? hahahah!!!
  • Ding Pampola Mark Adisson Baldos, utoy pagka-doctor sa math ang experto ng mga taga-Comelec..hehehehe ay ngani pala naga-opera din sila ng mga balot boxes!
  • Mark Adisson Baldos tapos pag mga nahuli sa mga nagawa eh parang mga san pedro tatwa gang dulo!!!
  • Malvar Hirondo tlagang ang REYES di bibitiw sa PWESTO kahit anong mangyari kapag sila ay nawala sa KAPANGYARIHAN matutulad sila kay GLORIA ARROYO kasi sa loob ng halos 40 taon sa pwesto SANKATERBANG KATIWALIAN ang pinaggawa ng mga yan eh takot na lang MAKULONG

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