Friday, October 17, 2008


Cawit Port, located in the municipality of Boac is identified as a most vital linkage connecting Marinduque to the Strong Republic Nautical Highway (Western Seaboard). Port rehabilitation which is part of the Luzon Urban Beltway project, has been completed and the port is set to open within October 2008.

The said Port, however, remains vulnerable to big waves brought about by strong winds coming from the southwest and northeast directions. This necessitates the construction of a breakwater structure that ensures the Port’s continued operation any time of the year, and its accommodation to most of the water transport traffic on the island-province.

A study and a preliminary plan for a Breakwater Structure for conversion of Cawit Port into an all-weather port, drawn up by the Provincial Engineer’s Office but that involves a staggering cost. The provincial government, however, could not cease to dream about converting it into an all-weather port.

Meanwhile, going to Marinduque is a lot easier now, particularly for residents of Boac, Gasan and Buenavista.


Governor Carrion has also made representations with the Governor of Quezon, Raffy Nantes to prioritize the Port of Macalelon in Quezon (directly north of Marinduque), to link it with the Port of Buyabod in Sta. Cruz. Eventual travel between this two ports will only take 45 minutes...


It is and always has been known as "Marinduque Airport" not "Masiga Airport", which continues to be used now and then.

The Marinduque Airport in Masiga, Gasan, the only existing commercial airport in Marinduque has not been in operation for the last four (4) years. A proposed runway extension to allow jets to service the airport costing PHP 161-Million has received the endorsement of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and the Civil Aeronautics Administration and is awaiting implementation.

It is of paramount importance, however, that the airport is opened to domestic flights, particularly 70-seater aircrafts, to boost the tourism thrust of the provincial administration and in response to increased public clamour.

This necessitates the rehabilitation of a somewhat deteriorated portion of the existing runway (measuring 486 m. x 30 m), through asphalt overlaying.

Provincial Board Member, Allan Nepomuceno, a former commercial pilot, has thoroughly inspected the airport condition and is instrumental in getting the nod of ZESTAIR to include the airport in their destinations with their 50-seater planes for now.

It should be stressed that domestic flight operations scheduled for next month or early December will not be hampered by the eventual implementation of the proposed runway extension earlier mentioned.

By the way, the ZESTAIR one-way airfare is less than P. 500.00! Asian Spirit is the former owners of said new airline company.


David B Katague said...

Fantastic! The news that I have been waiting for is here! Its funny I was just asking the same questions under Marinduque Forum, sponsored by the Trip Adviser- an internet travel company. I have started a readers forum about Marinduque, elephant island,and the Moriones Festival. I have also written a short review on Poctoy White Beach. If you want to add your comments, visit, One question I have, that have not been answered is the status of construction and opening of Elephant Island. .

David B Katague said...

Are you sure the one way fare is 500.00 pesos?. I heard it is 5000.00 pesos. Please clarify!

balangaw2 said...

Its Four Hundred Eighty Six Pesos (P. 486.00) to be exact. Inaugural ZESTAIR Flight is now scheduled on Saturday, November 15, 2008. We're still waiting for the final program which would be preceded by a mass... Not surprisingly, the flight out on that date is already fully booked, I heard.

David B Katague said...

With that price, it should be fully book. Thanks for the information. Eli,I like to invite you to write an article on my blogsite,
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balangaw2 said...

Oh yes please, I would love to post something on that site, probably things that couldn't be posted in this err, official site. Will visit your blogsite soon. Thanks a lot, Dave.

David B Katague said...

Looking forward to your submission

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