Monday, May 17, 2010

P.A. Velasco proclaimed Congressman

At about 6:00pm of May 11, 2010 at the Capitol Session Hall where the provincial canvass was held, Comelec Provincial Election Supervisor Fernando Besino read the official election result for the congressional contest and proclaimed Atty. Lord Allan Jay Q. Velasco, the new CONGRESSMAN OF MARINDUQUE.

Congressman Velasco's dear family flash the "V" sign. "V" stands for Viva, Victory, Velasco, and the number 2, Velasco's number in the official ballot.



joven said...

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SAKAMAR said...

The Samahan ng mga Kabataang Marinduqueño, a non-academic campus based organization congratulates, Atty. Allan Velasco for being the new elected Congressman in our Province, Marinduque. May you continue and fulfill your promised to each and every Marinduquenos. God Bless you and your administration.



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radyomarinduque said...

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Rowena R. Retardo said...

Hi!!! P.A. Congrats!! U did It!! I hope dat u'll make a huge changes in our province. The Marinduqueños leave the rest to you. hehe..Make a peculiar improvement.. If Quezon shouted " Pilipinas, Quezon naman,," Now let shouts " Pilipinas, Marinduque naman.." hehe.. Gudluck and More Power to your administration. God blz..

Jessie said...

Congrats P.A. Velasco for being Elected as CONGRESSMAN in your province,