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Marinduque, May 11, 2010

Big surprises characterized Elections 2010 in Marinduque. The morning after the first automated polls in the country, word has gone around in all corners of the island that Atty. Lord Allan Jay Q. Velasco (Lakas-Kampi-CMD), popularly known as “P.A.” won the congressional seat for Marinduque’s Lone District.

Final results of the elections has not been completed but Velasco is leading by a comfortable margin of 4,000 votes over lone opponent, former congressman Edmund Reyes, Jr.(Liberal). Election results show that Velasco decisively conquered the five municipalities of Sta. Cruz, Gasan, Mogpog, Torrijos and Buenavista, with Reyes taking the capital town of Boac by a 2-1 ratio.

No official proclamation has been undertaken by the Comelec as of 12:00 pm today (May 11), but Reyes’ mother, incumbent congresswoman Carmencita O. Reyes (Liberal guest candidate), is leading by 11,000 votes over closest rival, incumbent governor Jose Antonio N.Carrion. Wilfredo Red, former Sta. Cruz mayor is in third place.

Dr. Antonio Uy (Liberal), an incumbent councilor from the municipality of Sta. Cruz is winning the race for vice-governor, with incumbent board member Jasper Lim (Lakas), taking second place. Incumbent vice-governor Tomas Pizarro (NP) surprisingly garnered the lowest number of votes for said position. Pizarro won the biggest landslide victory during the elections in 2007.

As provincial board members in the second district of Marinduque, the following appeared headed for victory: Meily Aguirre, Harold Red, Eleuterio Raza, Jr., and Epifania Rosas. For the second district, Melecio Go, Allan Nepomuceno, Mark Seno and George Alino.

All of the mayors who ran under the Lakas-Kampi-CMD banner also appeared to have won the mayoralty race in their respective municipalities. These are Roberto Madla (Boac), Jing Madrigal (Buenavista), Senen Livelo (Mogpog), Percival Morales (Sta. Cruz), Gil Briones (Torrijos). Incumbent mayor of Gasan Victoria Lao-Lim is set to make history by being the very first mayor of the said town to be re-elected.

Comelec reported that out of 126,000 registered voters 104,000 Marinduque voters cast their ballots.

It was reported that in certain precints in Gasan, such as one in brgy. Cabugao the PCOS machine malfunctioned as the computer print out reflected zero votes for all the candidates upon transmission. It was observed, however, that the general conduct of elections here on the actual voting date has been smooth and orderly.

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Rowena R. Retardo said...

Hi.. P.A. Congrats!! U did it!! This is Rowena Retardo.. I hope dat u make a huge changes in our province.. The marinduqueño leave the rest to you.. S do your best,, Gudluck and More Power.. God blz...